IRONMAN 70.3 Italy Emilia-Romagna

Cervia, Italy Sep 20, 2020



Event Coaches

IRONMAN Emilia-Romagna Event Coaches

Coach PictureCarlo Alberto Migliazza  flag
Location: Italy Languages: English, Italian

About Carlo Alberto: Professional accountant - Swimmer all life long - 3 participations in Swimming World Master Championship (2004-2012-2017)- Former rally raid rider by bike  (Dakar rally 2007 + Pharaons rally 2003-04-05 + Africa Race rally 2009) -Triathlete since 2010 - 6 x IM (PB 10h51 Frankfurt 2014) - 6x IM 70.3 (2013 Las Vegas World Championship IM 70.3 - )

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Stefano Massa 
Location: Switzerland Languages: Italian, English

About me: Triathlete and IRONMAN since 1989. More than 500 races (3 time finisher in Kona). I live in Switzerland and North of Italy and I am an IRONMAN/triathlon coach since 4 years. I've never been a professional athlete but this sport helped me to have success in my life (family, job and friends). I help triathletes and IM athletes  to reach their goals, considering and balancing all the aspects of their life. I have a very special collaboration with Fabrizio Macchi (athlete paralympic 15 times world champion) in his physiolab where are used special innovative tests customized to pro-athletes, age-group, businessmen.

I work for reaching athletes goals, trying to better their life considering that this sport is one important way for a winner and safe life. Balance and hard work monitoring physical and psichological condition of the athlete. All aspects for a targeted preparation and an optimal psycho-physical state are taken into consideration with an extremely personalized, targeted and constantly monitored and adapted approach.

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Coach PictureAlberto Duilio Schivardi  flag
Location: Italy Languages: English, Italian

About Alberto: Always fascinated by sports in general, I practiced many sports during my childhood including swimming, judo, volleyball, tennis and soccer. when I got into my 20’s, I fell in love with cycling and practiced it for a few years, until I won a local championship. In the meantime, my university studies in sports science at the university of Milan, begun. In search of new stimuli I discover triathlon and it was love at first sight. IRONMAN Nice was immediately my target, but I had to spend about three years of shorter races and a path of gradual growth. In 2015, on June 28th I finished IRONMAN Nice and soon after I got the IRONMAN coach certification. from that moment on, I joined the IRONMAN family and I never left it, always doing my best.

IRONMAN Certified Coach, Bachelors in Sport Science, Italian Federation Triathlon Coach, Zone Diet Consultant

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Coach PictureZvi Donat  flag
Location: Israel Languages: English, Hebrew, Russian

About me: Zvi, started Running in 2006 to raise Money for Children with Cancer (my daughter had Leukemia) Zvi has run over 77 Marathons until he started Triathlons, and very quickly switched to IRONMAN distances. Zvi has raced over 15 races around the world and eventually decided to help friends and athletes in preparation for events. In 2017 completed IRONMAN U Coaching Certification and since then, has had a large group of happy triathletes, that he coaches from all over the world. My approach is, less is more, as family and children come first. A balanced triathlete always gets the best results! Love the challenge and high goals! Most of all, remember that this is a sport and not a war zone! Love your competition and enjoy the ride!


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