IRONMAN 70.3 Aix-en-Provence

Aix en Provence, France May 17, 2020



Race 2016


Its 4 :30 am when the executive committee took the decision to cancel the swim part, with the agreement of the arbitrators and the medical staff. A difficult decision to take for Yves CORDIER and Laurent COURBON, but the 13,8°C of the Peyroles Lake at 6am attached to the burst wind, couldn’t provide the security of all the athletes.

At the bike park, the athletes had approved for the biggest part of the pledged this decision that takes all its sense. The competition became a time trial with a start at 8am for the professionals athletes, by this following way : drawing lots of the time of departures and after that, a start every 20 seconds. For the age groups, the departure was by 5 every 8 seconds.

Among the favorites, David McNamee started in first, with Bertrand Billard in pursuit, 4à seconds behind. Romain Guillaume in turn, started 9 minutes behind. The beauty of this type of competition starts in its strategy : go faster as you can from the beginning to the finish.

In the bike part, it was the biggest cyclists that have spoken. The Eastern athletes has made the show. In the Top Ten in bike times, we can see tree Germans, a Polish and one Austrian. Without knowing their classification, the athletes were engaged a real war behind a public regrouped on the Mirabeau Court and The Rotonde. The show was showed in live streaming on a big scream and on internet.

Finally, Bertrand Billard win for the second time the IRONMAN 70.3 Pays d’Aix behind Maurice Clavel and Christian Birngruber. A podium which was undetermined from the beginning to the finish because David McNamee finished 4ième at 1 second from the podium, Gwenael Ouillère at 4 seconds.

Concerning the women pro field, Tine Deckers has dominated the race with a bike in 2h31’55. With more of 7 minutes behind the other professional athletes, Tine has managed the half-marathon. Behind the belgium athlete, a group has been formed with Nikki Bartlett, Kimberley Morisson, Juloa Gajer and Camille Deligny. Alexandra Tondeur, one of the favorite, was at 14 minutes. During the half-marathon, Julia Gajer and Nikki Bartlett fought for the second place, Kimberley Morrisson insured her fourth place and Alexandra Tondeur finished 6th.