4 Ways To Guarantee You Meet Your Goals

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Struggling to commit to a VELOTHON challenge? Read on for how to fuel your dreams with action.

Making a resolution is easy, but following up on that with action is not. If you've signed up for a VELOTHON event this year, below are four ways to put some real fuel behind your dream of crossing the finish line. 

1. Tell somebody

Telling your friends, colleagues and peers about your idea is the best way to commit yourself. Equally, saying your idea out lout can be quite powerful and your audience reaction might give you the extra push. You might even get teammates or offers of support.

2. Book the time

Do not just say you will – make the commitment. Put the dates in your diary, mark your calendar and book the time off from work. Include your friends and family and make a family experience out of the event weekend. You will never be able to experience the absolutely uniqueness of finishing a VELOTHON event if you do not make the time for it (and you will not make the time for it if you do not plan in advance). Booking the time off and include it in your calendar is the easiest way to commit and one big step towards your goal.

3. The simplest secret

Our favorite "trick" to make sure your VELOTHON dream is realized is to start training. There is no complicated process or insider know-how: you just need to start. Your VELOTHON adventure will not happen unless you make it. Do something from our list or, if you haven't, sign up for a race today. It doesn't matter what you do, as long as it helps you to get toward the start line. Check out our amazing races and sign up now

4. Our best idea

This one will only take you 30 seconds. Join our Facebook community and share your idea what you want to achieve with our community. Post your idea and let our community cheer on you. We dare you to be the first.


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