5 Things to do After Signing up for a VELOTHON

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You've hit the "register" button, here's what to do next.

With the early season in full-swing, gyms are heating up and we're starting to put some serious base miles in. By this time most of us have probably turned a few of our "penciled in" races to "penned in" (or computer type). Our calendars are filling up and our dreams are being seeded. Here's what you need to do after clicking "Register" to ensure your journey to the finish line—whether your first, fourth, or 15th—is a success.

1. Join the community.

By following the VELOTHON series on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, you'll get timely training tips and inspirational stories delivered to you daily. Get ahead of those lapses in motivation by connecting to our huge family of cyclists who are active on these channels. Also check out velothon.com on a daily basis for the latest news and training stories.

2. Join your local cycling club.

Some of the best experiences in sport will come from biking with a bunch of buddies who you meet through your local cycling club. You see each other at races, track your performances and get together when you can at the VELOTHON events. In addition to the social aspect of being part of a club, many clubs offer group workouts, bike rides or other group training opportunities. Not in a cycling club yet? Just call your nearest local cycling club or so that we will find the right club for you.

3. Train smart.

Many cyclists are concerned to make up their training deficits in the very last weeks before the VELOTHON. Watch out: Your organism needs a great deal of rest to assimilate training stimulus that bring you to the next level. Primarily, in the days before the VELOTHON you should be careful with intense workouts and long training rides.
Consider purchasing a training plan or hiring a coach (stay tuned for the update on the CYCLING ACADEMY section.) Both options will help you reach your goals in a more guided, targeted manner and give you that added confidence boost. Also, consider signing up for a lead-up, or "B" race to help you prepare even more specifically.

4. Book travel.

Take the stress out of race weekend by taking care of all the logistics early on in the process. Secure your accommodations and, depending on the race location, decide on your preferred method of travel. Whether you decide to use a service like Bike Transport, or pack your bike yourself, taking care of this early will serve you better come race week.

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5. Keep your bike in shape.

A well-kept bike looks good and rides even better. Taking care of your bike starts with basic cleaning and finishes with the use of bike care products. Correct tire pressure is key and usually deteriorates especially in the bike’s hibernation during wintertime. Finally, don’t forget to keep your bicycle chain sufficiently oiled and your brake pads are properly adjusted.

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With these five advices, you will start your VELOTHON journey right. We look forward to meeting you at the finish line!


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