IRONMAN 70.3 Taupo

IRONMAN 70.3 Taupo

Taupo, New Zealand Dez 7, 2019

100 Qualifying slots plus 25 Women For Tri Slots


New in 2019

ROKA Swim Course 

There are several new changes for the 2019 ROKA Swim Course. 


The course for 2019 is a reversal of previous years. Athletes will start on the beach at the closest point to the Waikato River inlet and swim 175m out into the lake before making a left-turn to follow the buoys 775m south. You will then turn left, swim 50m towards the shore then complete the final 775m leg parallel to the shore back towards the Taupō Yacht Club. You will keep all Swim Buoys to your left.

Athletes will exit up the beach then have a 680m run from the Yacht Club up Story Place through to Transition in the North-East corner of the Northern Domain (corner of Spa Rd and Tongariro St). 


Age Group Rolling Wave Starts  

This year's event will feature an Age Group Rolling Swim Start for all age group & team athletes. Age Group Rolling Swim Starts will improve the race experience for each athlete by spreading out competitors across the swim, bike & run legs of the event and by also continuing to offer a racing element within the various age groups. 

There will be 9 Age Group/team waves that will start at the times listed on the swim start schedule. 

Within each Age Group wave, athletes will self-seed based upon their own projected swim time, by selecting from the following 4 x Start Zones: 

  1. Under 33 minutes  

  1. 33 to 38 minutes  

  1. 38 to 43 minutes  

  1. Over 43 minutes 

The Rolling start for each Age Group wave will continue from Zone 1 to Zone 4. 

Once all athletes from an Age Group wave have crossed the start line/timing mat and entered the water there will be a gap in the start line flow. 

The next Age Group wave will then self-seed into the 4 Start Zones and follow the same start line procedure from their designated time. 

Athletes will be released at intervals, in pairs, across the start line/timing mat 

Athletes official individual race time will start when they cross the clearly marked start line/timing mat on the beach. 

You can avoid being overtaken by stronger swimmers by seeding yourself with athletes of a similar skill and ability. 

Each athlete will have 1 hour 10 minutes to complete the swim course.  

All athletes will have 8 hours to complete the entire swim, bike, run course (subject to intermediate cut off times throughout the event). 

Click here to view Indicative Start Times


Transition will now be located at the North East corner of the Northern Domain (corner of Spa Road and Tongariro Street). The run to transition will take you up Story Place and across the Domain.


Ventum Bike course 

The bike course for 2019 will now take athletes from T1 onto Tongariro Street, heading south then turning left onto Rifle Range Road, right onto Tauhara Rd, slight left onto Broadlands Rd, left at Centennial Dr, to U turn around approximately 400m. 

You will then head back onto Broadlands Road out towards the turnaround at Reporoa. Athletes will turn left onto Vaile Rd, right onto Homestead Rd then right back onto Broadlands Rd to the Reporoa Village turn. 

The return leg will be straight along Broadlands Rd towards Miro St, where you will take a left turn, then head right onto Crown Rd, left onto Taharepa Rd, right onto Lake Terrace then right onto Tongariro St as you head into T2. 

The new cut-off times for the bike course are: 

  • 10:43am – 46.4km Reporoa Turnaround (all athletes must have passed the turnaround point) 

  • 11:04am – 54.8km, Bike 2 Aid Station (Broadlands Village) 

  • 11:50am – 73.6km, Bike 3 Aid Station (Wairakei Estate) 

  • 12:30pm – 90km, T2 (athletes must have completed the bike leg) 

HOKA One One Run Course 

The run course for 2019 remains a three-lap course but we have taken out the hill up from Boat Harbour to the Domain. 

Athletes will head out of T2 across Northern Domain, onto Story Place then left on Tongariro St, turnaround at Tamamutu St intersection, south down Tongariro St then left onto Lake Terrace. Athletes continue down Lake Terrace to the turnaround point at Manuel’s Hotel then head back to the Tamamutu turnaround via the lake front path.  

At the end of the third lap, continue pass the turn before taking a left onto Northern Domain and heading to the finish line. 

New cut-off times for the run course are: 

  • 1:26pm – 10.7km, Southern Turnaraound (lap 2) 

  • 1:56pm – 14km, Tongariro St (start of lap 3) 

  • 2:25pm – 17.4km, Southern Turnaround (lap 3) 

  • 3:30pm – 21.1km, Run Finish (athletes must have completed the run course)