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Championship Jerseys - VCC

Compete against other Teams, Clubs and Groups to win a prestigious Championship Jersey Trophy!

The winner in each jersey classification will be announced at the awards ceremony at the completion of each race, published on the VELOTHON website and announced via social media. 

Overall Club Champion

The Blue Jersey is awarded to the Club or Group with the most kilometres ridden at each VELOTHON event.

Riders earn points for the number of KM’s ridden at each VELOTHON event i.e. 100km course = 100 points, 60km course = 60 points

The Club or Group with the most KM's accumulated at each VELOTHON race will be determined the Overall Club Champion.

The winning Club or Group will receive:

The Overall Club Champion Blue Jersey Trophy and recognition onsite at the post-race awards ceremony


1000 € monetary grant to support club growth and development* (Corporate Groups may nominate the charity of their choice for the 1000 € to be donated.)

  Team Race Champion

The Yellow Jersey is awarded to the fastest Team in each distance (60, 100 and 160) and each category (male, female and mixed) at each VELOTHON event.

A team consists of at least 4 riders and no more than 8. The top 4 individual rider times will count towards the overall team time. The fastest team time in each category and distance will be awarded the Team Race Yellow Jersey Trophy.

To be eligible to compete in the Team Race Competition, all riders must register using the identical Team Name.

The winning club will receive:

The Team Race Champion Yellow Jersey Trophy and recognition onsite at the post-race awards ceremony

The VELOTHON Cycling Club competition is available at the following races: 2018 VELOTHON Berlin and 2018 Hamburg Cyclassics.

*Monetary Grant of 1000 € to be paid as a onetime lump sum cheque to the winning club or group. only applicable to be redeemed if the winning club rode a total of more than 1,000 km in the VELOTHON event. If the winning club or group is a corporate entity, the 1000 € must be donated to a charity of their choice.