Cardiff, Wales


VELOTHON Wales Update In Light Of Adverse Warm Weather

The weather forecast for Sunday is ever-changing, but it is looking likely that the recent spell of warm weather is here to stay – with temperatures peaking at between 25 and 28 degrees Celsius on the day of VELOTHON Wales.

If you are participating, please read the advice below carefully and take steps to ensure you are prepared to ride.

We will be monitoring the forecast carefully, so please keep an eye out for any additional messages from us - we will communicate any important information or necessary alternative arrangements in light of the forecast with you as early as possible.



It goes without saying that you are likely to sweat far more in hot conditions, so will need to ensure you are drinking plenty of water. It’s easy to become dehydrated during exercise, which will make the ride much harder work and possibly lead to heat exhaustion or other complications including nausea, headaches, heatstroke and dizziness.

If you’re really feeling the heat, as well as drinking plenty of water, try pouring water over your head or tieing a cycling buff or cap soaked in cold water around your head to lower your body temperature.

We have ordered additional stocks of water for feed stations and the finish line - and will be offering an additional water stop on the 140KM course after the Tumble (around 88KM) and on 140/125K courses in Newport (around 30KM). We have also introduced an additional water stop for 2018 on the 125/60KM course at Little Mill (at 78KM for 125 riders and 13KM for 60 riders). We would like to thank our water partner Princes Gate for their support on this and providing additional water. Please use the feed stations to take a break and refuel and note that medical support will be on offer at each station.

You must ensure that you turn up to the start of the ride with as much water as you can carry. Our terms and conditions state that bottles placed in your bottle cages must be full upon arrival to the event – which will be especially important this weekend.

Ensuring you drink plenty of water the day before the ride, and minimising alcohol intake will reduce your risk of dehydration.

Water will be available at the following points along routes:

Water Drop – Newport
Feed Station – Usk
Water Drop – Top of Tumble
Feed Station – Pontypool
Feed Station – Caerphilly 
Finish Line 

Water Drop – Newport
Feed Station – Usk 
Water Drop – A4042
Feed Station – Caerphilly 
Finish Line

Water Drop – A4042
Feed Station – Caerphilly 
Finish Line

Effort Levels

Be sensible and take steps to avoid heat exhaustion. This may mean adjusting your goal or reducing your effort level as well as taking steps to stay hydrated. If you feel like you are struggling on the day please stop and take a break in a shady spot, remove excess clothing and drink plenty of fluids. If you need to drop out – please head for the nearest feed station or marshal (if you can). If you see a cyclist in distress – please alert the nearest marshal.

140KM riders will have the option on the day to drop down to the 125KM route – bypassing the Tumble Hill climb. If you are already considering this, please start in a later pen from Cardiff, or the dedicated 125KM pen (H) which sets off at 08:37am. Directional signage at 75KM will direct anybody who wishes to drop down to the 125KM. The Tumble is a difficult part of the route and we strongly advise anyone finding it tough in the heat to take this diversion.


Sun Cream

You will be out in the sun for several hours. Apply sweat-proof sun cream and pack some in your saddle bag or back pocket for reapplying.



Wear appropriate clothing –moisture managing, lightweight garments designed for warm conditions are recommended. Sunglasses are also advised.



If you have loved ones spectating, please make sure they bring plenty of water and remain hydrated. It can be a long day out in the sun for them too!