Cardiff, Wales Jul 8, 2018



Start Pen Allocations

Start Pen Allocations

  • Athletes who have selected to ride in a TEAM guarantee they will be allocated the same starting pen (The team's start pen time will be based on the slowest estimated finish time given within that Team)
  • Athletes can check/edit their estimated time, and create/join a TEAM, by logging into until June 4th.
  • All athletes who register after June 4th will be allocated the last start wave regardless of their expected finish time, and will not be able to join a team. This is because starting pens will already have been allocated.
  • No exceptions will be made to these deadlines.

IMPORTANT: No alterations are possible to TEAMS or estimated finish times after June 4th.


How will I know my allocated Start Pen?

  • Start Pens will be allocated for all athletes who are registered until the 2nd June. These allocations will be published on the website during the week commencing the 12th June.
  • Athletes registered between 4th June and the close of registrations will be allocated the last start pens. These start pen allocations will be added to the website during the week commencing the 2nd July.

Can I change my allocated Start Pen?

  • No, it is not possible to change your start pen. However, you will be able to move to the last starting pen on race day if you wish to start with another athlete who has been allocated a different start pen. You are NOT able to move to an earlier start pen under any circumstances.