Cardiff, Wales


Event Day Guide

All riders who registered by the 14th June 2018 will receive a registration pack via post in the lead into the event, containing an Event Day Guide - with all the information you need to know ahead of the day!

Riders who entered by 14th June do not need to register on the Saturday and can just turn up and ride on Sunday 8 July as they will receive a registration pack in the post. If you entered after this date, you will need to collect your registration pack on Saturday 7th July from the Event Village in Cardiff, at Cardiff City Hall Lawns.

If you entered by 14th June, and have not received a registration pack by Thursday 5th July please contact us here.

Registration packs include: Event Day Guide, Race Number, Bike Plate & Timing Flag. Details on how to install these to your bike are detailed in the Event Day Guide. Your rider number will dictate your starting pen - with corresponding starting time detailed in the Event Day Guide. It is not possible to change your start pen. However, you will be able to move to a later starting pen if you wish to start with another athlete who has been allocated a later start pen. Riders are NOT able to move to an earlier start pen under any circumstances.

Late entries for the 140KM ride (entering after 14th June) who are collecting registration packs will start in Pen G. All 125KM riders will start in Pen H.

A digital version of the Event Day Guide (which includes start times, maps and lots of other important event information) can be seen here.

For riders taking part in the 60K route, specific information (not covered in the Event Day Guide) around the Usk start, travel and parking can be found here.

A guide on how to affix the Bike Flag attachment (which houses your timing chip) can be seen here.