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Cardiff, Wales TBD 2018

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Start Lists


The below BIB list and Start Pen Allocations include all athletes registered before online entries closed on July 2nd.

All athletes have been emailed their BIB number, and can search for their start time by pressing Ctrl + the F key and typing their BIB number. If your BIB number and name does not appear on the list please contact us at velothonwales@ironman.com.

VELOTHON Wales 110k BIB list

Start Times

Timings for the Start Pens are as follows:

  • PEN A: 07:00
  • PEN B: 07:08
  • PEN C: 07:19
  • PEN D: 07:29
  • PEN E:07:42
  • PEN F:07:51
  • PEN G: 08:01
  • PEN H (110k riders): 08:14

  • All athletes will be emailed their  BIB  number in the week prior to race day. Please bring this confirmation email with you to registration. 

  • If there are multiple athletes  registered with the same name, please contact us on velothonwales@ironman.com to confirm  your BIB  number.

Please note:

  • Athletes who have selected to ride in a TEAM before June 2nd, guarantee they will be allocated the same starting pen (The team's start pen time will be based on the slowest estimated finish time given within that Team)
  • All athletes who register after June 2nd will be allocated the last start wave regardless of their expected finish time, and will not be able to join a team. This is because starting pens will already have been allocated.
  • No exceptions will be made to these deadlines.
  • Information on our start pen allocations can be found HERE >>
  • Online applications are saved to our database immediately, and you will automatically receive a confirmation email from our registration partner, Active once your entry has been registered.
  • If you have not received a confirmation email or have any questions please contact us: velothonwales@ironman.com.