About the UCI VELOTHON Series

About the UCI VELOTHON Series

Nothing compares to the pleasure of having an entire road all to yourself and your bike. A VELOTHON provides you with the ultimate opportunity to reward yourself for all the blood, sweat and tears in training. Our age group athletes can choose from a variety of distances and get to ride some of the most stunning courses in the world. Get ready to get the full pro treatment – highest standards, completely closed roads, professional timing and thousands of spectators cheering you towards the finish line.

The UCI VELOTHON series consists of multiple races across the globe (2017 featured races in Germany, Wales, Sweden, Canada and Australia).

Whether you're looking to take on the challenge yourself or just watch the world's best riders battle it out, a VELOTHON race is an experience you won't easily forget. Tackle a VELOTHON event near you or take on the spectacular courses in another country.

Why ride with us?

Unique courses: Start and finish your VELOTHON in the heart of the city.

Closed roads: Enjoy protected courses through iconic metropolitan cities.

UCI sanctioned: Our events are sanctioned by the UCI and highly organized, secure, and professional.

Full pro experience: Ride on the same courses as the world's best pros - goosebumps guaranteed.

Vitality and health: Cycling is the perfect springboard into a more fit and active lifestyle.

Front row seats: Watch the best in the sport battle it out right before your eyes.

UCI VELOTHON Series Events 2017

Learn more about our VELOTHON events by clicking on a logo below. We look forward to seeing you at our start line!